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Shutterbug Camera  Sports Photography  

Saturday November 4th, 2017
2-5pm in Santa Rosa
In this introduction to sports photography students will explore how to get great shots when shooting sports.  We will cover lenses and camera settings, focus, panning, ghosting, freezing action, motion blur, composition, ant telling a story with your shots.

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Name of Class:  Sports Photography

Length of Session:  4 Hours


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Name of Class

Sports Photography

Class Topics

Learn how to shoot great sports action photos in various situations.  This instructional class delves into the nuts and bolts of sports photography and the best techniques for shooting a game.

Topics include:

  • proper sport-specific photography techniques
  • conquering difficult lighting situations
  • how to catch peak action moments
  • selecting and managing gear
  • getting creative shots during fast-paced action

Instructor: Alvin Jornada

Length of Session

4 Hours

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