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Shutterbug Camera Shops  Architecture Photography Online Class  

February 17, 2021
6:30 pm online
Zoom Link will be emailed the morning of the class. Class wil not be available for registration after 2/16/21.

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Name of Class:  Architecture Photography

Length of Session:  1 Hour


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Name of Class

Architecture Photography

Class Topics

A simple guide to shooting architecture, this class goes over Gear, Lenses, Shooting, and Editing.  We discuss what gear I take to every shoot, what lenses I use.  What the differences are and why I use certain lenses.  The shooting section is an illustrated look at the mode I use and the step-by-step process I use for Capture.  Editing looks at RAW Capture and Final Image to illustrate how an image should be presented.

This class is for anyone interested in capturing better Architectural images, regardless of skill level, camera brand or type.

Length of Session

1 Hour

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