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Shutterbug Camera  Lighting Basics  

Saturday, April 4, 2020

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Learn how to find the best light available in this Shutterbug Lighting course with John Blausey, CPP. The award-winning portrait photographer and owner of Santa Rosa’s Studio of the year 2019, will help you master simple photography lighting techniques by using available light, speedlights and small portable strobes, you can create amazing images on location and almost anywhere within minutes. John Blausey shows you how to shoot in lighting environments from extreme bright sun to dim light and partial shade. This course also covers how to use Modifiers (softboxes and reflectors) for a better quality of light.

Topics include:
Principles of light
Creative use of lighting
Single light vs Multiple light sources
Studio Strobe & Speedlights
Choosing the right Set up for you

This is a discussion / hands-on class. Students should have a camera that has PSAM control. Bring a speedlight if they have one. Bring owner’s manual if they don’t have a good understanding of their camera. At the end of the day the students will have a firm understanding of different light sources, modifiers and camera controls to make the best use of them. They will be able to use light to take their photography to the next level using available light and reflectors, speedlights on and off camera as well as studio continuous and strobe light sources. 

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