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Shutterbug Camera  Lighting & Posing for Portraits on Location  

Saturday March 14, 2020

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Name of Class:  Lighting & Posing for Portraits on Location

Length of Session:  6 hours


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Shutterbug Camera-Lighting & Posing for Portraits on Location-Classes


Name of Class

Lighting & Posing for Portraits on Location

Class Topics

Students will explore how to build a successful portrait on location. The morning session will go over Contemporary vs Traditional portraits, Point of view, Creative use of aperture, Depth of field, Scale, Light, and Posing.  The afternoon session is an opportunity to shoot portraits with models at Luther Burbank Home and Gardens. You'll have guided practice of the topics covered earlier, and get more comfortable guiding models through some poses and different outdoor lighting situations.

Length of Session

6 hours

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