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Shutterbug Camera  Digital Photography Essentials  

Saturday April 11,2020

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Name of Class:  Digital Photography Essentials

Length of Session:  3 Hours


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Name of Class

Digital Photography Essentials

Class Topics

Instructor: Joshua Cervantes

   Learn about the fundamentals of your interchangeable lens digital camera. We will cover your camera’s general operations and its capabilities. Learn about exposure and how shutter speed, aperture and ISO affect the look of your image. 

This class will also cover:   - Camera Handling   - Raw vs. JPEG    - Memory Cards   - Manual Modes   - Exposure Compensation   - Understanding white balance and ISO   - Focus Mode & Burst Mode   - Lenses & Lens Selection   - Intro to Composition    - Recommended Accessories 

*Bring your camera, fully charged battery, lens, manual, notebook & pen. 


Length of Session

3 Hours

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