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Shutterbug Camera  Canon EOS Tilt/Shift Photography  

Sunday 12/15/19
10:15-11:00 am

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Name of Class:  Canon EOS Tilt/Shift Photography

Length of Session:  45 minutes


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Name of Class

Canon EOS Tilt/Shift Photography

Class Topics

To the uninitiated a tilt / shift lens may seem like an expensive and complex solution in search of a problem that software long ago rendered moot. However, , you will find that the tilt / shift not only neatly solves a host of photographic conundrums, but equally can be used to expand your opportunities for creative expression. 


Canon has the world’s most extensive lineup of these creative problem solvers, covering a huge range from 17 - 135mm and serving the gamut of photography styles from the traditional fields of architecture and landscape, to the more esoteric like editorial portraiture. This class will familiarize your with the functional benefits of the lenses and, hopefully, open your eyes to the creative benefit they could bring to your photography.

Length of Session

45 minutes

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