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Shutterbug Camera  Canon Critique and Print  

Sunday 12/15/19

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Name of Class:  Canon Critique and Print

Length of Session:  1 Hour 45 min.


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Shutterbug Camera-Canon Critique and Print-Classes


Name of Class

Canon Critique and Print

Class Topics

Let’s share our favorite images in a supportive, positive environment and work together to grow our skill set.  We will discuss all the images presented, with a focus on how each photographer has succeeded, and help each other with suggestions as too how we might better meet our photography goals. Canon will make a 12 x 18 print of 1 image for each for each participant. You’re welcome to print an image from any of the class sessions or, bring finished, edited images in jpeg on either a card or a USB drive. (Your finished file should be no smaller than 4320 pixels in the long dimension to successfully print @ 18” -“smaller files will be printed at reasonable size based on their dimensions.)

Length of Session

1 Hour 45 min.

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