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Shutterbug Camera  Better Pictures w/ a Digital SLR  

Sunday September 8, 2019
10-1:30/ break/ 2:30-4:00

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Name of Class:  Better Pictures w/ a Digital SLR

Length of Session:  2 Hours, 4 hours, 30 minutes


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Shutterbug Camera-Better Pictures w/ a Digital SLR-Classes


Name of Class

Better Pictures w/ a Digital SLR

Class Topics

Session 1:
Understanding Your Camera & Field Trip: Learn about all your camera controls, auto-exposure, focus control, white balance, exposure bracketing, camera handling, ISO control, spot, selective and matrix metering. Learn how to stop action or create motion. Use depth of field and lenses, tripods, and filters. Learn how to take black and white photos and how to control the contrast.
Field trip: With a focus on composition, back lighting and close-up photography; a Shutterbug instructor will guide you on the field trip and answer questions.
Session 2:
Trip Review & Flash: Session 2: Learn bounce and fill flash techniques. Discuss photos taken on the field trip, review methods learned / practiced on the field trip, and a question and answer session.

Instructor: John Howry, Photographer-CPC

Length of Session

2 Hours, 4 hours, 30 minutes

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