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Shutterbug Camera  Better Pictures 1-day Workshop  

Sunday March 22,2020

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Name of Class:  Better Pictures 1-day Workshop

Length of Session:  5 hours


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Shutterbug Camera-Better Pictures 1-day Workshop-Classes


Name of Class

Better Pictures 1-day Workshop

Class Topics

10-1:30/break /2:30-4:00pm
Instructor: Joshua Cervantes

Learn about digital photography workflow from capture to storage. Learn about the importance of a camera bag prior to going out and which other accessories to consider. We will review your camera’s manual mode settings and some general operations. Midway through our time we take a field trip to a nearby location to practice your photography techniques with the instructor. After which we will reconvene in the classroom to go over simple mobile editing techniques and storage solutions. Review your images while the instructor answers any questions. 
This workshop will also cover:
   - Basic Camera Controls
   - Bracketing
   - Depth of Field
   - Exposure 
   - Techniques to stop or create motion
   - Importance of lighting 
   - Composition techniques 
   - Multiple types of photography 
   - Fill Flash
* Bring your Camera, fully charged batteries, lens, manual, notebook & pen. 
** Recommended familiarity of your cameras functions and menu system. 

Length of Session

5 hours

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