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Shutterbug Camera  Adobe Lightroom- Advanced Retouching  

(Sat) August 24, 2019 1-5pm

Instructor: Emily Davis

In this session, take your photographs from blah to beautiful by helping the viewer see what you saw in the moment you captured the image.  Camera sensors can’t capture everything perfectly exposed, but with the help of the Develop Module of Lightroom, you’ll be able to bring out details you didn’t know were there!  We’ll discuss and practice using presets and making our own. We’ll learn how to crop, export files from raw to jpg, and make a watermark. You’ll also learn how to use the isolated adjustments tools in Lightroom.  You’ll learn how to use brushes and filters to selectively edit just parts of your images, as well as retouching techniques that will impress your friends and clients!  Remove unsightly blemishes or other items with just a few clicks. We’ll practice combining images to make HDR images and learn other tips and tricks to deepen your understanding of image retouching.  Participants should bring a few files that they’d like to retouch to get guided practice during class.


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Name of Class:  Adobe Lightroom- Advanced Retouching

Length of Session:  2 Hours


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Name of Class

Adobe Lightroom- Advanced Retouching

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Length of Session

2 Hours

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